“Mr Yega Muthu (legal aid lawyer) impressed me with his balanced, well-articulated and earnest exploration of the issues regarding my patient who he was representing today.

I just wanted to thank him for his work with the Tribunal, and that I commend him for his work as a legal aid lawyer.”

Dr K Roper, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney (July 2020)


“Yega represented our friend at an NCAT hearing, noted by them to be ‘challenging and a very complex case’.

He saved this gentle, special man from a lifetime of social control when he had not committed any crime, and who suffers from a mental illness through no fault of his own.

Rather than being restrictively controlled and allowed out for only half an hour a day, he retained his freedom as a result of Yega’s representation.

Yega is a champion for the voiceless and powerless, and we highly recommend him.”

Hermann Wachtendorff, Woollahra, (October 2020)